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ATA electric Neck Shoulder EMS Muscle Massager

ATA electric Neck Shoulder EMS Muscle Massager

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Do you ever get a stiff or sore neck?  This is the perfect solution for you!  Check out our Smart Neck Massager, it’s like having your own massage therapist in the comfort of your own home, and for a lot less money!  Help relieve your stress by alleviating muscle pain and soreness in your neck and shoulders.  The heating function helps soothe tired and sore muscles and stimulates blood circulation.

 Our flexible and ergonomic design will fit around any size neck. It’s lightweight and portable, so it’s convenient to bring with you on the go, at work, and it’s the perfect remedy after a long day of traveling.


 -Get your neck damp with a towel - put the massager on your neck - and control it with the remote

-3 different modes and 15 power settings 

-Kneading - Pulse Massage -  Acupuncture

-Easy to use one button startup, simple remote,  and easy USB charging 

-Long battery life

-Auto turn off function when the device is not being used

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